Cactus granite is a durable dark green granite from China. This polished slab granite is recommended for uses including commercial flooring, countertops, walls and landscaping projects.

Caribbean Green granite from China is a light green and beige granite of medium variation available in polished granite slabs. It is recommended for all interior and exterior projects including high traffic commercial floors, countertops and walls.

Costa Esmeralda granite from Italy is a beautiful durable granite for interior and exterior projects including commercial flooring and landscaping and residential applications.

Golden Lightning Granite from Italy is a beautiful green granite with gold and brown veins. It is recommended for both residential and commercial projects including landscaping and outdoor kitchens in areas with freezing temperatures.


Green Eyes

Green Eyes granite hails from the island of Madagascar, bringing unparalleled sophistication to both residential and commercial applications. Its unique pattern creates the impression of depth, as marine hues play across a darker background.


Peacock Green

Peacock Green granite is a deep green with gold flecks and is available in polished slabs. This durable granite is recommended for all commercial and residential applications including flooring, walls and countertops.



Ubatuba granite from Brazil is a finely textured granite featuring black, gold, gray and green speckles. The shimmering speckles of Ubatuba granite make it a perfect statement piece for indoor and outdoor applications.

Verde Butterfly Granite is an exquisite blend of greens, grays and whites with darker black veins ideal for kitchen and bathroom applications.