Granite is a natural stone that is quarried then cut into slabs and polished. Therefore, color variations will exist between different slabs. It is more wear & heat resistant than marble.


White Storm

White Storm Granite countertops feature shades of gray highlighted by dark veins and flecks. This durable and easy-care granite is available in 2 CM and 3 CM polished slabs


White Spring

White spring granite is a durable granite with the illusion of movement with its varying veining of whites, grays and deep reds.

White Sparkle granite features cool white tones and grays highlighted by just a touch of sparkle. These elegant white granite slabs are durable enough to be used for exterior projects


White Sand

White Sand granite is an elegant granite that features a soft creamy white background highlighted by gold and brown flecks.This durable and low maintenance granite is ideal for design projects in both residential and commercial properties.


White Ravine

White Ravine Granite countertops bring an elegance and beauty to a kitchen. Soft whites, grays, and hints of blue swirl together in harmony in this stunning durable granite.

White Ornamental is a low-variation white granite suitable for a wide array of interior and exterior design projects including granite countertops


White Mist

White Mist is a finely-grained granite, imported from China, which features highly contrasted onyx and alabaster dappling.  It is more than suitable for nearly any interior or exterior application, including granite countertops, backsplashes, walls, and floors.


White Ice

Pale steel grey and bright white are flecked with black in our White Ice granite, imported from Brazil. White Ice is a dramatic, modern choice for granite countertops

White Glimmer granite is timeless and elegant with its warm white background and dramatic brown and black veins and specks.

White Bahamas granite slabs feature warm gray and beige tones, highlighted by small flecks of black that add dimension.


White Alpha

White Alpha granite countertops feature a soft white background with contrasting light and dark gray specks, making it ideal for a variety of design styles from traditional to modern.

Whisper White granite  features a cool white background and dramatic black veins. Create beautiful granite countertops, waterfall islands, accent walls, and even floors


Volga Blue

Volga Blue granite from the Ukraine is an exquisite durable granite in shades of dark grays and blues with lighter variations in grays and blues.

Virginia Mist Granite from Canada is a soothing gray durable slab granite. This granite is recommended for both interior and exterior projects including landscaping, countertops and walls in areas with freezing climates.


Via Appia

Via Appia Granite is a dynamic high movement stone of whites, golds and charcoal grays with unique veins to add depth to all design projects both interior and exteriors

Verde Butterfly Granite is an exquisite blend of greens, grays and whites with darker black veins ideal for kitchen and bathroom applications.


Venice Cream

Venice Cream granite has a warm white background, and flecks and veins ranging from cream to brown, and even black. This lovely natural stone is ideal for design styles from traditional to contemporary and possible design projects include granite countertops, waterfall islands, accent walls, and floors throughout homes and commercial properties.


Venetian Ice

Cream, fawn, and beige blend for the backdrop of this coal-black-studded granite, imported from Brazil. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, in nearly any climate including those below freezing,


Valle Nevado

Valle Nevado granite slabs feature low variation design making it the perfect subtle backdrop in kitchens, baths, and other areas of homes and commercial properties.



Ubatuba granite from Brazil is a finely textured granite featuring black, gold, gray and green speckles. The shimmering speckles of Ubatuba granite make it a perfect statement piece for indoor and outdoor applications.

Typhoon Bordeaux granite is a dramatic durable granite of golds and beiges with deep golden veins. Typhoon Bordeaux is recommended for freezing climates for exterior landscaping and flooring projects and all indoor applications.


Tropic Brown

Tropic Brown granite from Saudi Arabia features brown and black colors with low variations. This durable granite is okay for usage outdoors in climates with freezing temperatures



Titanium Granite from Brazil is filled with elegant movement of grays, blacks, golds, creams and ivory. This durable granite is perfect for any indoor or outdoor projects


Tan Brown

Tan Brown granite features dark brown, black and grey flecks. This durable natural granite works well in a variety of interior and exterior projects including walls, floors, countertops, and other architectural features.


Swan Gray

Swan Gray Granite slabs feature a blend of warm and cool tones, starting with the mid-tone gray background. The speckles of deep rose and black give this granite a sophisticated and refined edge.


Summer Beach

All the warmth of a sunny day at the beach, Summer Beach natural granite slabs feature a soft cream background elegantly woven together with warm beiges and golds.


Steel Grey

Steel Grey granite from India is a low variation durable granite with shades of grays and small flecks of lighter grays.

The luxe look of our Splendor Cream granite is achieved by its pattern of milky alabaster, toffee, pewter, and sable. Available in 2 cm and 3 cm polished slabs, this lovely stone is imported from Brazil.



Solarius granite from Brazil features yellow and gold background with darker veins of brown and gray. This durable slab polished granite is recommended for commercial and residential properties



Snowfall is a polished, natural granite imported from Brazil. This pristine, snowy white granite is studded with ebony and charcoal and kissed with a clouds of tawny, warm fawn.